Biology and Experience of Eating (BEE) Study

The BEE Study aims to learn more more about the biology of eating tasty foods. Recruitment for the study is currently closed, but we invite you to take the eligibility screener if you wish to provide us with your information so we may contact you about future studies. Find out more or take the eligibility screener

Diabetes Education to Lower Insulin,  Sugars, and Hunger (DELISH) Study

The DELISH study aims to learn about how a low-carbohydrate diet improves the health of individuals with Type 2 Diabetes who find food cravings hard to resist. Enrollment is currently open!  Learn more here.

COgnition and Glucose Study (COGS)

The COGS aims to learn more more about how glucose impacts cognitive performance. Enrollment is closed.

Eat Right Now (ERN) Study

The ERN Study is testing whether a 28-day, mobile-delivered mindful eating intervention can reduce the rate at which people eating response to food cravings. Enrollment is closed.

Sugar Transitions And Reward (STAR) Study

The STAR Study is testing whether consuming sugary beverages for 14 days changes reward-driven and craving-related eating. Enrollment is closed.