Welcome to the Sleep, Eating, and Affect (SEA) Lab at UCSF. Previously known as the UCSF Biology and Experience of Eating (BEE) Lab, we are broadening our horizons and making waves! We appreciate your interest in our research.

Research in the SEA Lab focuses on the biological, behavioral, and psychological experiences of sleep, eating, and psychological affect. The SEA Lab seeks to improve assessment and intervention in these areas by using diverse research approaches. Our overarching goal is to develop mind-body interventions that empower individuals to improve their health and wellbeing without drugs. Please visit the Studies page to learn more about our research. 

Dr. Mason currently offers clinical services for individuals struggling with sleep. Dr. Mason is currently not accepting patients seeking treatment for other conditions. Please visit the Sleep page to learn more about this clinical service.

Recruitment for our BEE Study is currently closed, but we invite you to take the eligibility screener if you wish to provide us with your information so we may contact you about future studies.